Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Peek on Homie

Been super duper busy with BeaniPet and running all over the place just to settle the house.
Finally it's done and after few weeks and tons of cleaning :) I'm very happy with the result!
Here's some sneak peek on my new homie:
My 10 feet tall wardrobe :)
I Love the finishing and the colour is so relaxing :)
My studio colour for 1 wall, peachy pink :)
And some stools which I love! Use to sit this 2 sizes when painting :)
I bought loads of white furniture :) I just love it! Can't help it :)
A very cool fan :) Took this picture after cleaning the room and fan :)
I was at the house for almost 2 solid weeks cleaning, scrubbing and sweating.
Then it rained! My 1st rain in my new home :)
And on 30th last month, we moved in!
And this is the 1st meal that I cooked in our new house:
And it is the 1st of January! super delicious meal and bear was super duper happy!
And this is my studio:
Lovely, bright and cooling. Love the feeling of living on top of a mini hill :)
I'll have more pictures coming up after I'm done DIY-decoing for my new homie!
For now it'll be all BeaniPet and Valentine Pillows :)
Happy 2011 peeps!