Friday, May 28, 2010

Rough Plan 2

A new plan...
(Bear's game room)
Relocated the whole plan. Now it feels more comfortable and spacious.
I've decided to add more cupboards for me to
store all the fold-able chairs and maybe bear's badminton, poker, game stuff.
O and a cupboard behind the bar for Bear to store his collection:)
(Dining area, Living room and Balcony)
Added details :) All the pillows will be DIY by me :)
(Our Bedroom)
Added details :)
Flip the two door refrigerator so that It'll be more spacious.
Just realized it's not piratical to have a L shape table meet ends with my fridge...
Won't be able to open my fridge and still have space to stand...
Changing my U table to just a long table attached to the wall and a removable table to form the U shape. Why so? Because when I have kids they will need a room to sleep in. So my SOHO will be their future bedroom :) and Bear's game room will be their playroom!
That's about it I guess:)
Crossing fingers. Hope that this plan will still be in my budget.